Matthew Gore was born on a snowy Tuesday morning near the Susquehanna River — just kidding, bios written in the third person are weird.

I’ve worked in advertising & design for the last 14 years. To get in the door, I started as an associate account executive at Iris Worldwide (née Pepper Global) in Chicago to get in the agency door. Eventually I moved over the wall to our creative dept, went to ad school, then landed at Ogilvy in Chicago.

I spent five years at O&M learning from some talented mentors. Print, digital, mobile, social, manifesto films, stunts, mobile activations and, well, everything. Clients included SC Johnson (Glade, Pledge, Drano, Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex, Ziploc, Raid, OFF!), CDW, BP, Kimberly Clark (Huggies, Pull-Ups, GoodNites), Sanford (Sharpie, Expo, Prismacolor), Kraft, and Oscar Mayer. I was even the talent in a piece of CDW’s Christmas campaign playing an I.T. engineer who helped fix the North Pole’s server room. (Per my college transcript, my Communication major is mostly a theater degree disguised in more academic terms.)

In 2013, I brought my design & advertising experience to the world of NYC tech startups where I spent three years as the creative director of Bytemark. I helped design innovative solutions for mobile ticketing—including steering high-level product design, innovation, UI/UX & interface design.

Now I’m back at Ogilvy in New York as a creative director on Nationwide and Comcast Business. In all of my positions, I have excelled in turning high-level thinking into fully realized creative & strategic executions. From traditional to digital to mobile to social, I’m your guy.