OneWheaton is a non-profit organization of LGBTQ alumni from famously conservative Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. The power of social media to bring far-flung people together plus the desire to resource and safe space for queer/questioning college kids sparked the creation of OneWheaton. As one of the founding members, we created a name that felt as inclusive as we had desired to be during a very lonely time for all of us in school.

The identity design grew out of reworking the idea of the rainbow flag to speak more to the diversity of people, gender, ages and sexualities that made up our organization. Instead of a strict boundary of colors, each overlaps and intersects to speak to the goal of oneness and connection. The use of the rainbow also connects the identity to the Pride flag and made sure it was immediately recognizable as a LGBTQ organization.

Following the press coverage of our launch, several other “One” organizations formed at Christian colleges around the country.